First Down 5K and Combine

On Super Bowl Sunday, I got up way too early to run a 5K around Hains Point with Meghan, Tim and Warren.

It was just a little chilly before this morning's 5K

Tim, Meghan, me, Warren

A few months ago, I somehow convinced both my coworker Tim and my friend Meghan to buy the Pacers race pack that included Sunday’s 5K, plus three more races in 2016. Mainly I wanted to have friends to race with, and since I’m obsessed with Pacers races, I applied some gentle peer pressure.

So on a fairly chilly Sunday morning, we all trekked out to Hains Point for the first race in the series.


The race was a pretty simple out and back along the Potomac. I was grossly undertrained and wasn’t expecting a banner day. (Plus I’d run about 2 miles to get to the race start so my legs were just feeling dandy).

I actually think that running to the start helped though. If nothing else, it made me slightly less freezing cold. The race started and I just went with the flow. My legs felt OK, but I basically had no feeling in my fingers until mile 2.5.

My friend Scott’s parents came out to watch me and Meghan, and snapped some nice pictures of me coming in to the finish!


Thanks for coming out and watching us Tina and Fred!

Because the race was Super Bowl themed, once you finished the 5K, you had the option to do the “combine.” The combine consisted of a circuit of 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squat jumps, 20 lunges and then catching a football.


I’m not very good at push ups

I was feeling OK after the race, and headed straight over the combine. Let me tell you, those squat jumps were killer.


My total time for the 5K was 27:38, and I finished the combine in 3:26.

After everyone else finished, we all grabbed some water and then quickly said our goodbyes before heading back to our warm houses.

I ran another 2 miles back, making my total mileage for the day 7. That’s more than I’ve run in a long time and let me tell you, I was feeling it on Monday morning. Holy Moses did my hips hate me.

I hit yoga class Monday night to stretch things out, and took a straight rest day yesterday, and today my legs are finally starting to feel normal again. But it was definitely a solid reminder that I should probably fit a few more long runs in before the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I need to stop saying that’s so far away, and realize it’s actually not.

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