Running in Charleston

When I was planning my trip to Charleston and asking friends for recommendations on what to do and where to eat, almost every single person told me the one thing I had to do while I was there was “run the bridge.”


The Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge is a 2.5-mile bridge over the Cooper River that connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant. It’s also the location of the very well-known Cooper River Bridge Run 10K.

I wasn’t in town during race weekend, but I figured it was still worth it make time to run the bridge. So Monday morning, Meghan, Michelle and I drove from Michelle’s apartment to the base of the bridge to set out on our run.


Let me tell you, running up the Mt. Pleasant side was not so fun. The hill on that side is definitely steeper and I was moving slooooowly.



But the views from the bridge were pretty spectacular.

USS Yorktown from the bridge

After we cruised back down and off the bridge, we looped around under it and ran out on to a little pier that extends into the river.

The sun was shining the entire time we were running, and I actually ended up with some hilarious runner tan lines.

I definitely appreciated the novelty of running over the bridge and loved the views. It was a fun way to kick off my last day in the city.

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