How Do People Work Out When They’re Sick?

This is a question I’ve been pondering a lot this week since I have been sick and have had zero desire to do anything but curl up on the sofa and blow my nose a million times.

Not pictured: The many kinds of OTC decongestants I've been using this week.

Yet all over the Internet, in running magazines, blogs, etc, when people ask if you can work out while sick, the answer is always as long as your symptoms are above the chest/neck you’re good to go and can work out if you want.

But I don’t understand how someone can work out when their throat is on fire or their head is pounding. Running would just make that hurt more. So I’ve been doing zero workouts this week.

I got sick Tuesday night and after taking an exam Wednesday morning, I spent the rest of my day off curled up on the sofa with Netflix. (Side note: Why do I always get sick on government holidays?)

Since it was Veterans Day, it seemed only appropriate that I indulge in military movies. So I watched We Were Soldiers (for the first time) and Top Gun (for about the 500th). Netflix has started to recognize my love of Top Gun.

This is what happens when you watch Top Gun a million times on Netflix...

At this point I could probably recite the entire movie. I should be embarrassed by this, but I’m totally not. I got my love of Top Gun from my dad, who was in the Navy, and used to watch it all the time because it was always on TV. Check out these sweet old school photos of him my mom sent me.

Happy #VeteransDay to all our service members especially my dad! Thank you all for your sacrifice and service!

Anyway, back to my sickness. I struggled into the office on Thursday, but threw in the towel and went to the doc this morning. Unfortunately I do not have strep throat, which means no antibiotics for me. Just good ol’ rest and liquids and OTC decongestants.

Which I guess brings me back to my main question, how do people work out when they feel like this? All my symptoms are above the neck, but the thought of going for a run or even doing some easy yoga seems awful right now.

So I guess until I feel better, you will find me planted on the sofa.

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