Back in the Saddle: Halloween Style

So last week things around these parts were a bit of doom and gloomy courtesy of my torn meniscus. My knee was miserable in spin class and hurt off and on the rest of the week.

But last night, I noticed that my range of motion without pain or discomfort had improved a little bit, and by this morning I could bend my knee all the way with no real pain.

So I decided to give spin class a try tonight and see what happened.

Giving this spin thing another try to see if my knee responds any better this week.

Verdict: Mostly good things. Minimal to nonexistent pain or discomfort throughout the class.

Also, the class was amazing. It was 100% Halloween themed. Our instructor came in sort of in costume and played all sorts of Halloween-y/monster-themed music.

Think: Thriller, the Ghosterbusters theme song, Phantom of the Opera, etc.

Tonight’s instructor is definitely vying for a spot on the top of my favorite spin instructors list. I loved her two weeks ago when I took her class too. She’s upbeat and fun and always has an awesome music selection.

I might be making her class a regular on my schedule.

Other highlights of the day: I voted today because Maryland has early voting and it’s the best thing ever. Who wants to wait in long lines on actual election day. Not this girl.

Early voting for the win!

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