Week Five Cooking Challenge: Healthy Wrap for a Stressful Day

My very perfect three-part plan from yesterday went crashing and burning later in the afternoon when the forecast changed from snow tapering off Saturday mid-morning to blizzard-like conditions on Saturday.

In a panic the BF and I made some last minute switches and thanks to very understanding supervisors at work and the wonderful people at US Airways, we are booked on a flight tonight from D.C. to Orlando.

When I called US Air to ask them if we could switch from our Saturday flight to tonight’s flight that still had open seats, the lady I spoke with made the switch and waived the $300 transfer fee. I could have kissed her.

My supervisor said something very sage when I asked her if I could take Friday off at the last minute to make what I thought we be an expensive flight switch.

“You can always make more money. You can’t make more time.”

True life.

I realized last night at midnight when my stomach was growling that I had forgotten to eat dinner because I was in such a tizzy packing and getting everything ready to go.

Luckily I had some very healthy ingredients for a delicious and filling wrap.

Start with a whole wheat wrap.

Slather with roasted red pepper hummus (my favorite kind)

Layer one: A generous handful of spinach.

Layer two: Lots of bean sprouts.

Layer three: Roasted red peppers.

Layer four: Artichoke hearts.

The wrap was a bit messy to eat because it was overflowing with so much deliciousness, but it was so worth it.

So now that I leave for Florida tonight, I’m trying to find some cheap and entertaining things for the BF and I to do on Friday and Saturday. Disney, Universal and Sea World are all pretty much out unless someone has some serious connections and can get me cheap tickets.

If you know of anything fun and not ridiculously expensive, please let me know!

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