Ode to my Booty Shorts

How do I love thee booty shorts? Let me count the ways:

You make my legs look ridiculously strong, so much more than all other non-booty shorts combine.

You make me feel like a super fast, hard core runner, probably because that’s who I most associate booty shorts with. That and Danica, who I’m pretty sure loves booty shorts more than me.

You stay firmly in place, none of that riding up nonsense that sometimes happens with my other shorts.

You get bonus points because you cause absolutely no chafing.

Last night you made some guy whistle so loudly I could hear him over my iPod. Normally I do not appreciate the whistling/catcalls, but it was such a loud whistle and took so much effort on his part that it made me chuckle.

Alas, I only own one pair of booty shorts, so until I get a few more, they are just on rotation through the mass amounts of regular running shorts I own. But that’s OK, because booty shorts day is something I always look forward to.

What kind of shorts do you normally run in? Or do you rock a running skirt?

(Photo source. Note, do not search Google Images for “booty shorts” do compression shorts instead)


  1. Right now, I’m wearing tights.

    My fav shorts are Niker Pacer shorts.

    I like running skirts too, though.

  2. I lurves booty shorts too 😉

  3. I am all about the running skirt but after reading your post I think I need to land myself a pair of hot a@@ booty shorts

  4. Hi Jess

    I run in all kinds of Nike shorty/short running shorts. I don’t utilize the booty shorts for guy related issues, but they sure do look great on my wife. Especially now that she has been running for almost a year.

    BTW, I had a chance to look at your cruise video. Awesome! My wife and I did a 10 day cruise in November for our 10 year anniversary and it was awesome!

    Take care.

  5. I do have quite an appreciation for booty shorts! I try to stay away from running skirts though 🙂

  6. Oh how I would love to wear the booty shorts. I don’t know if it would be very flattering for my big thighs though! They just seem like they would be so comfy and to be able to avoid chaffing during those hot humid runs during the summer months!

  7. I am yet to find a really good pair of shorts that I LOOVVEE. I have a pair of booty shorts, meh, they’re OK, but they ride up. My goal for this summer is to find some great running shorts and buy a whole wack of them!

  8. I was just talking to my friend about actually sucking it up and buying some booty shorts. I love tights/capris and the fact I don’t chafe. I need to look into getting some soon!

  9. I love my booty shorts! They’re so freeing and comfortable. 🙂 I only own one pair as well so they rotate through with my Nike Tempo shorts that dominate my running clothes drawer.

    I do have a running skirt, which I bought to see how well I liked it…not that much of a fan, but it is kinda cute.

  10. Jess,

    I don’t go out for a run w/o my compressions on as a base layer. Besides the chafe-less run the compression is actually very beneficial to your circulation and of course they look good.

  11. I totally agree. Booty shorts are the best thing ever. I don’t know what I would be without them! 🙂 Good ode <3

  12. Oooh, I keep seeing everyone running with those little shorts and I LOVE them! It seems like they make your butt look fantastic. I’ve always worn skirts, but now I’m thinking of switching…

  13. I have been afraid to try them because I can’t see how they wouldn’t ride up. I have some longer compression shorts because I was worried about that!

  14. I’m a fan of Nike running shorts.. I’ve never tried a running skirt but I hear surprisingly good things!

  15. And now I want some booty shorts. Got any recommendations? They sound perfect! 🙂

  16. Great shorts but I’m not sure I could pull them off…I do like a cute running skirt though. I’m seeing them everywhere, especially in all the races here!

  17. How do you not chafe in them? I kinda want a pair now hehe.

  18. i need to tone up my thighs before i really wear booty shorts… but i want to! danica is definitely the booty-shorts queen 🙂

  19. I look forward to day that Im able to rock booty shorts like you and Danica but for now its Nike Tempo track Shorts for me.

  20. This is too funny. I have yet to squeeze all of me into booty shorts (don’t want to blind anyone) but one day, maybe!
    Thanks for linking up, and I’ll see you at fitbloggin!

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