Working on Front Squats

My power decided to go out at a really inopportune time last night…half way through the second quarter of the National Championship game.

Yes, the game was a blow-out. The Irish just couldn’t stop ‘Bama and by half time, I wasn’t sure it was worth draining my phone battery to watch the game on the Watch ESPN app.

My friends let me know I wasn’t missing much…

The game obviously didn’t go as I would have liked, but it was fun watching the Irish play this season. (Especially when you compare their performance to the Terps…ugh…)

Anyway, before I settled in to watch the football game, I got my butt thoroughly handed to me at CrossFit.

The lift portion was heavily focused on front squats, something I majorly struggle with. I just can’t for the life of me figure out a way that’s comfortable to hold the bar. Nor can I keep my elbows up in the super awkward position they have to be in.

One of the guys at my gym with proper front squat form

I worked with one of the coaches on nailing the proper form just with the 45 lb. bar and no other weight. By my fifth set of five, I was sort of getting the hang of it, but I still have a long way to go.

The bar also left some bruising and redness along my collarbone, so it looks like I have a nice big hickey. Lovely…always keeping it classy around these parts.

Our WOD for the day was a killer.

WOD 1-7-13

Translated, that’s:
7 thrusters
7 knees to elbows
One lap of bear crawl
As many reps as possible in three minutes.
Rest two minutes and repeat two more times.

I managed two rounds in each set, and think I used 35 lbs. for the thrusters.

It was definitely a very arm/shoulder intensive workout, and when I got home I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head to shampoo my hair. I’m still sore this morning, in a hurts-so-good kind of way. I missed this feeling!

I also started developing some pretty big calluses on my right hand. (But none really on my left…anyone know why that might be?)

My very first CrossFit calluses. Basically a base of honor.


  1. the ring? your grip? not sure. just wait til they’re bloody and/or ripped open… even better 🙂

    i prefer front squats to back. not sure why. need to strengthen my wrists / work on their flexibility because afterwards they are sore!

    bear crawl… gross. shoulder killer!
    lindsay recently posted..More or Less in 2013My Profile

  2. Could be the ring if you’re working out with it on. I know from tennis at least, even though I don’t feel it at the time, I get blisters when I play with a ring on.

  3. Man that workout looks intense, great job! Callouses – I’d say weights but weird it’s not on your left, do you grip harder w/your right hand?
    Lauren recently posted..One Year Check-Up – Stats!My Profile

  4. Wow that seems really intense! Very impressive Jess
    Carolina John recently posted..Farewell CouchbedMy Profile


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