An Update on the Foot Situation

Well friends depending on how you look at it, I either got good news or bad news about my foot last week.


If we’re looking at it as good news, my foot isn’t broken. The X-ray was clean. There’s no stress fracture and my doctor things I should still be able to train for and run the half marathon in March.


If we’re looking at it as bad news, I have a stress reaction injury in my second metatarsal — basically right under the ball of my foot. This means it’s extremely painful for me to put any weight on it. I have to take a full two weeks off all activity and wear a walking boot.

I can start walking around my house without the boot on next week to see how things go, and I can begin introducing nonimpact cross-training if that goes well. I have another appointment with my doctor in four weeks to see if I can re-introduce running at that point.


Given that my half marathon training was going so well, I’m kind of annoyed. But my doctor thinks if I can keep up the cardio volume starting in a couple of weeks that I will still be able to do the race. I’m a little nervous about that since I had some pretty important long runs coming up, and I don’t love the idea of trying to simulate those on an elliptical but I guess we’ll see what happens.

Right now, my foot hurts too much to put any weight on it. Assuming it’s in a better place next week, I’ll start elliptical and other non-impact workouts, and we’ll just go from there.


  1. Wow, no weight on it at all? That does sound rough! My right foot tendonitis was roaring, but it’s starting to quiet down. Sorry Jess, that kind of hassle is not pleasant.
    Carolina John recently posted..Acupuncture WorksMy Profile

  2. Dan Wolfe says:

    At least you get to wear that stylish boot!!! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  3. Fred and Tina says:

    So sorry Jess, we are hoping for a speedy recovery! 🙂

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear, but hopefully this will mean a quick recovery versus recovery from a stress fracture!
    Susan – Nurse on the Run recently posted..Bilateral Labral Tear Surgery – The Return to Running UpdateMy Profile

  5. I really feel for you. It’s so tough to be training and then have an injury happen. I wish you all the best.

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