Ireland Adventures in County Cork, Blarney and Cobh

So after our three nights in Dublin, we packed our bags and hopped a train to the countryside. I was excited to get out of the city because everyone told me if you want to really see Ireland you have to get out of Dublin -- and they were all right. The Irish countryside is gorgeous and some of the places we stopped on our remaining days of the trip were just breathtaking. Our first stop on Thursday morning was Blarney Castle. Yes, yes I know it's extremely touristy, but it was totally … [Continue reading]

Ireland Adventures: Drinking and Castles In Dublin

At the rate I'm going here, I'll finish blogging about this Ireland trip by Christmas time. But seriously, it's summer and I just don't spend a lot of my free time at a computer, so apologies for the super delay between these posts. I'll try to be better about making time to write the rest of them. Anyway, we're now on day three of the trip, which was our last day in Dublin, and also the day everyone else got to Ireland. We sort of went on the trips in waves. Four of us flew over from DC … [Continue reading]

Ireland Adventures: Belfast, Giants Causeway and More Northern Ireland

Ok so where did we leave off on my Ireland adventures? I think we'd just finished up day one. So day two was definitely one of my favorite days of the whole trip. We took a day trip outside of the Republic to Northern Ireland, spending time in Belfast, Giants Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede. Quick history lesson to put this day in context: Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. It is under British rule and is not part of the Republic of Ireland. This has caused tensions for years and … [Continue reading]

Ireland Adventures: Fun in Dublin

Well I've officially been back from Ireland for about 10 days now, and after this crazy month of travel, I think my internal clock has finally realized I'll be staying in the Eastern time zone for a while. Unlike my trip to Japan, which was very spur of the moment, this Ireland trip has been in the works for at least a year. My friends started kicking the idea around last May or June, and we started keeping an eye on flight prices in the fall. When we found round-trip tickets for $530 … [Continue reading]

Capitol Hill Class 2016

Editor's Note: I know I owe a bunch of posts on my trip to Ireland. I promise those posts are coming. It's just taking a while to go through pictures, and I'm waiting on some of my friends to upload theirs since they have some of the best ones. In other news, this morning Megan and I ran the Capitol Hill Classic 10K. We had been chatting earlier this week after our Ireland trip how we felt like we needed to do something healthy since we ate so much heavy food on the trip, and we … [Continue reading]

Back from Charleston!

Sorry to drop off the face of the Earth after telling you all about my super fun Japan trip! The end of this month got a little crazy with the end of the semester and some more crazy travel I had on my schedule. I just got back from a week in Charleston for work where I was giving a presentation at the DIG South conference. The presentation itself was on Tuesday and then I got to spend the rest of the week learning from some other really smart people at the conference. I pretty much … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 6: Hakone and Mt. Fuji

When we were planning our trip to Japan, one of the things both Meghan and I wanted to do was see Mt. Fuji. It's such an iconic part of Japanese culture that we felt like we couldn't not see it while we were there. The tricky thing is, Mt. Fuji isn't actually very close to Tokyo. I think it's manageable with a trip on the bullet train, but Meghan and I didn't want to deal with intense navigation and directions on our last day, so we booked a day trip tour so we wouldn't have to worry about … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 5: Yokohama and Shibuya Crossing

So I left off in the middle of my Sunday adventures outside of Tokyo. We had just wrapped up a busy morning in Kamakura and were hopping back on the JR train to take us to Yokohama. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and home to lots of different popular sites to see, but with limited time, Meghan and I narrowed our priorities down to a few main things: The Foreign General Cemetery Harbor View Park Hikawa Maru In order to get to these three places we had to transfer off … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 4: Kamakura

So far we have recapped my travel to Japan and all of the things we did in the city of Tokyo. Sunday was the first day we ventured outside the city, and it is hands down my favorite day of the entire trip. Meghan and I really wanted to get to Kamakura, which is home to the tallest Buddha in Japan and many other ancient shrines and temples. Kamakura is about an hour south of Tokyo by subway/JR train so we knew we were going to have a commuting adventure on our hands. By Sunday, we felt … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 3: Fish Market, Skytree and Shrines

One of the things that was high on Meghan's and my list of things to do in Tokyo was the Tsukiji fish market. The only catch with the fish market is that you have to get up and get there really early in the morning or all the fun is over. We figured there was no chance we were going to get up early enough for the fish auction, which takes place at 3 or 4 in the morning and requires tickets, but on Saturday when we happened to wake up around 6:30 a.m., we figured we could still make it … [Continue reading]