Frederick Half Training Week Two

Happy Tuesday friends! Last night I went over to College Park to watch the Lady Terps play in the second round of the NCAA tournament. The girls stomped Princeton and are moving on to the sweet 16! I'm sure that made these Supreme Court Justices (and Princeton alums) sad. Anyway, on to training talk. Week two is in the books and I'm happy with where things are going. I didn't have any MBA classes last week since most of … [Continue reading]

Basketball and Long Runs

Didn't mean to disappear for almost a whole week, but got caught up in training, work and of course, so much basketball. Friday night Terps game watch The Terps lost last night in heartbreaking fashion, and I'm not really going to re-hash things here this morning. Last night the emotions were kind of brutal. This morning it's a little bit easier to appreciate what a great season we had and how this team made watching Maryland basketball fun again. But instead of being all sad face … [Continue reading]

Frederick Half Training Week One

Before we dive into how my first week of half marathon training went, let's talk tournament. Yes I repped my Terps on my long run on Selection Sunday Is this not one of the greatest weeks of the year? Who's excited? I know I am. But you know what I'm actually not excited about at all? The Terps #4 seed. It's some BS. We had that #3 seed all but locked up and somehow Oklahoma, who has a worse record than us, ends up in our seed playing games in Pittsburgh, while the Terps are sent out … [Continue reading]

Tempo Runs Are Brutal

Guys, it turns out that not only do I hate tempo runs, I'm pretty bad at them too. Something about maintaining a challenging pace over the course of several miles just really messes with my mental game. Plus tempo runs hurt way more than intervals. Intervals you push really hard, but then you get a solid recovery pretty quickly. With tempo runs, it's just consistent discomfort until the run is over. So why even bother with them? Well, they're supposed to help you build a strong … [Continue reading]

My Urban Intervals

My first workout of my Frederick half training cycle was mile repeats. Oof. Repeats in general are no joke, but mile repeats are just kind of torture. Welcome to half marathon training! Normally I do most of my speed work on the treadmill so that I can control my pace, but we finally, finally had a break in the cold weather yesterday. I just couldn't let a day with temps in the 50s pass by with a treadmill run. So, I did some creative thinking about where I could find a track. And … [Continue reading]

Slip and Sliding Through my Long Run and New Shoes

On Saturday morning, I had plans to do a six mile "long run" to ease my way into training for the Frederick Half. When I woke up I was having an intense internal debate about whether to do the run outside or suck it up and do it on the treadmill because it was cold. I opted for an outside run because the thought of another treadmill run sort of made me want to cry. So I bundled up and went out to enjoy some winter sunshine. I didn't get very far on the run before encountering lots and … [Continue reading]

Sports, Miles, Book and Looks of February

I truly have no idea where February went. Going into the month, I knew it was going to be extremely stressful. I had three straight weeks were I didn't have a single free evening. It was all work, school and other commitments. Plus the weather was just awful all month, which made for some truly miserable days. This picture pretty much sums up my month. Bad weather and lots of school. SPORTS It's March! Which means we're only weeks away from tournament season starting! The Terps … [Continue reading]

Half Marathon Excitement

A couple of weeks ago, I threw down the registration fee for the King Crab Challenge. (That's the Frederick Half marathon, the Baltimore 10 miler and the Baltimore Half). Run all three in the same calendar year and you are rewarded with some sweet swag. Register for them all at once and you save some money on the registration fees. I love swag and cheaper registration fees, and I was pretty excited to do all of these races this year anyway. They are some of my favorite long distance races in … [Continue reading]

Running All the K’s in Sleet

Yesterday Pacers held the St. Patrick's Day 5K, 10K and Double. It was the first time in years this race had been held, and it was on a brand new course, which was super exciting because after living in DC for a lot of years and running a lot of races here, it's hard to find a course I haven't run. Pre-race selfie because it seemed mean to ask someone to take off their gloves to take our picture I had signed up for the Double with Meghan, and Emily had originally signed up for the 10K, … [Continue reading]

Sarah’s Taco Salad Recipe

Guys, I've got a real treat for you today. My friend Sarah is a phenomenal cook. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and come up with new fun recipes, and over the years, she's made me countless dinners and birthday treats. Me and Sarah at a Terps game So when she told me she had a fun recipe that she thought you all might be interested in and asked if she could share it, I was all for it! So Sarah, take it away! --- So, just like 1/3 of Americans, I made a New Years … [Continue reading]