Allentown snow day

Quick housekeeping update: Comments are back. A few people told me they missed them, so I'm bringing them back for now. They'll stay as long as the spam doesn't get too crazy. Anyway, greetings from a snowy and very cold PA! I safely made it home to my parents house yesterday afternoon -- managing to beat the rush of people fleeing from DC to beat the storm. I left around 10:30 a.m. and while traffic was heavy, it pretty much moved the whole time. My brother's best friend left DC … [Continue reading]

So much to be thankful for

Saturday did a nice job of reminding me all I have to be thankful for, and it really couldn't have come at a better time with Thanksgiving just a few days away. I spent yesterday morning grabbing brunch with my cousin Sarah, who I don't see very often. We were trying to remember the last time we saw each other, and we think it was about two years ago. It was seriously so nice to catch up, and given all that time, there was obviously tons to fill each other in on. I got to hear all … [Continue reading]

TBT Marathon Edition

It's crazy to think that this weekend four years ago, I was getting ready to lace up my shoes to run my second marathon. Though the race was tough at points, and I crossed the finish line almost in tears because my knee hurt so bad, I set something close to a 30 minute PR. I obviously celebrated by housing a Philly preztel. … [Continue reading]

Checking out a new running group

So I know in my last post, I talked a lot about how I was struggling to get back into running after my many injuries, and wondering if it was really something I wanted to push myself to do. Maybe writing that post was the cathartic release I needed because the next day I was looking up running groups and trying to see which group runs I might be able to fit into my schedule. In the past I've never really been a fan of running groups because I was always worried I would be slowest person … [Continue reading]

Runner identity crisis

So last spring when I was all excited about running and racing, I signed up for a whole bunch of races this fall, and I was so excited to do all of them. But then I struggled through my first round of training in the summer. I did my best and wasn't planning to break any records at my first race of the fall -- a half marathon. I just wanted to have some fun with friends, which I did. But then when I tried to bounce back and keep up my running for the rest of the races, my knee … [Continue reading]

Thank goodness for endorphins

Sometimes I don't know how I'd get through the tough stuff in life without my workouts and the endorphins they bring with them. On Wednesday, some shit hit the proverbial fan if you will. It's nothing life or death that I'm talking about, just some bad, really hard-to-deal-with stuff. And honestly, I haven't been myself since it happened. So today, I forced myself to do the one thing that might bring some sense of normalcy back to my life -- get back into that Monday night spin class … [Continue reading]

Back in the Saddle: Halloween Style

So last week things around these parts were a bit of doom and gloomy courtesy of my torn meniscus. My knee was miserable in spin class and hurt off and on the rest of the week. But last night, I noticed that my range of motion without pain or discomfort had improved a little bit, and by this morning I could bend my knee all the way with no real pain. So I decided to give spin class a try tonight and see what happened. Verdict: Mostly good things. Minimal to nonexistent pain or … [Continue reading]

That Time I Almost Cried in the Spin Studio

If you follow on me on Instagram you may have noticed this photo I posted Monday. Ah yes, me with an ice pack on my knee. Just another injury around these parts. I went to the doc this morning and found out I had a torn meniscus -- which yes is pretty crappy, but I wasn't too down in the dumps because my doctor said I could still do any activities as long as they didn't cause pain or discomfort. I asked specifically about running and spin class, and he said biking was probably the … [Continue reading]

Quick Catch Up

Hey remember when I used to blog semi-regularly. LOL I do too. Here's a quick run down on my life lately to catch you up. 1. I turned off comments on the blog. Too much spam, not enough time to moderate. No one's got time for that. But you can always tweet me, comment on Facebook or email me. 2. I bailed on the Army 10 Miler this weekend. Had some sharp knee pain on a run about two weeks ago. I took some time off because I don't mess around with knee stuff after all the problems I've … [Continue reading]

Brad and Tracy’s Wedding

Sooo..that other post I owe you about my epic weekend. Sorry it's a little late. My router died at home and so I had some Internet issues and couldn't get my videos to upload. And this post would not be complete without the'll see why later. So Tracy and Brad got married on Sunday in what had to be one of my favorite weddings ever. I've known Brad for a while now -- probably since sometime when I was in college and he started tailgating with us. I met Tracy back in … [Continue reading]