Happy Opening Day!

I will never understand why today is not a national holiday. I mean baseball is America's past time after all. But luckily, I have the day off work so I'm spending what looks to be a sunny and gorgeous day in Baltimore celebrating anyway. I'm so glad to have baseball back in my life -- and since I can't spend opening day with the Phillies (they're in Texas after all), Baltimore seems like a solid back up option. Happy Opening Day! May all your teams win (unless your teams are the … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Fitness Apps

When I first got my iPhone however many years ago now, I was very much in "download all the apps!!!" mode. More specifically, I was in download all the health and fitness-related apps mode. Also, the iPhone brought the dawn of the fitness selfie Over the years I've found some of the apps have come and gone, but a few have endured stuck around for the long haul. Here's a peek at what I use on a regular basis. 1. Sleep Cycle. I did a review of the Sleep Cycle app a while back now, … [Continue reading]

Blister Woes

Thanks to everyone who suggested possible race ideas based on my last post. I have a quite a list of options going that I'm hoping to narrow down in the next few weeks! Planning a race calendar is fun and definitely something I've been missing. Unfortunately though, getting back to regular workouts has been slow. Remember that giant blister I got at the Shamrock half? Well it pretty much burst open in the middle of last week and has expanded to even more of my toe. No matter what I do … [Continue reading]

Help Me Pick a Race!

Now that the Shamrock half is behind me, the big question is what's next? I'm not registered for any races right now, but I'd like to pick up some shorter races this spring -- maybe 5Ks and 10Ks. Nothing that requires too much of a training plan, but hopefully something that I can convince a few friends to join me at. And I'm already trying to figure out what my fall schedule will look like. I'm thinking I might target one major half and then just fill in other free weekends with … [Continue reading]

Shamrock Half Marathon Weekend

Here's the Cliff Notes version of this weekend: It.was.amazing! The weather was gorgeous, I kicked butt in the race for not being trained, and this weekend out of town with friends was exactly what I needed. I think I might have a new favorite race. Dianna, Aila, Emily and I piled into my car Saturday morning to head to warm, sunny Virginia Beach. The sun was shining, the traffic wasn't too terrible and we took our time on the drive down. We obviously made a pit stop for some … [Continue reading]

Shamrock Half Decision

Happy Thursday friends! Who's excited for the weekend? I know I am. I made a final decision that I'm going to go to Virginia Beach this weekend to see if I can run the Shamrock half marathon. My plantar fasciitis hasn't been bothering me much at all lately, so I'm sure I will at least be able to run part of the race without any problems. Since I'm not well-trained, my game plan is to be pretty liberal with the number of walk breaks I take. And if anything starts to bother me while on the … [Continue reading]

First Race in 11 Months — St. Paddy’s Day 8K

After more than a year plagued with injuries, I toed the start line of my first race in close to 11 months yesterday. Start line and the Capitol And the good news is, I didn't have the worst performance ever. My friends Ryan and Abe had been planning to run the St. Paddy's Day 8K for the last several weeks and had been asking me to sign up too, but I was hesitant to pay for yet another race that I might not be able to run. But I've been able to do some pretty decent workouts in the … [Continue reading]