Joe and Todd’s Wedding

I come from a really big family. My mom and dad are each one of six kids, so I have lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. My uncle Joe (center) with just a fraction of the cousins When I was 12, my mom's youngest sister got married. It was the first wedding I had been to probably since I was 4 years old (when my mom's other sister got married). I remembered having so much fun, and just thinking weddings were the best and wanting to go to another one ASAP. Because this is a long … [Continue reading]

The Puking Has Passed

So I've fallen into a fairly suck-tastic pattern this winter. It goes a little like this: Be healthy for a few days. Get wickedly sick for a week. Rinse, repeat. Yes friends, I have written more "I'm sick" posts this winter than I can ever remember writing. Normally, I get one nasty sickness each winter, and then I'm done with it. But this year, I guess my immune system has decided to vacation in the tropics or something and has left me to fend for myself in DC. The latest ailment … [Continue reading]

The Most Sublime Run

Last night on the Metro on the way home from work, I was itching to lace up my shoes and go for a run. That's a really weird feeling for me. Usually at the end of the day, I'm so drained and exhausted, and all I can think about is curling up on my sofa and doing homework or something. But yesterday was just a busy, busy day at work. I'm under the gun on a massive project with a really tight deadline and after a day full of meetings, and two plus weeks of no exercise because I was sick, I … [Continue reading]

Feeling Better and Family Fun

I think I'm slowly starting to recover from the plague. That codeine medicine was the shit, but man did it give me some trippy dreams --mainly about softball. Every night for the last five nights. Totally normal right? Anyway, I started to feel a little bit better this weekend and let myself venture out and do some fun things -- like watch the Terps blow out Michigan State at home on Saturday. Pre-game fun with the guys (Jimmy, Paul, Jon) Hollla 17-2 (5-1) -- good enough for 8 in the … [Continue reading]

Cough Medicine + Codeine = Sweet Miracle Elixir

I'm still sick so I finally dragged myself to the doctor today. But not before I puked at my office this morning! Happy Thursday to me! I went into the office because I thought I was feeling better. I had a tiny bit of head congestion and my still nasty cough, but otherwise felt OK. But turns out my head congestion + the metro led to some major dizziness, which led to a barf episode in the bathroom at work and me Ubering my butt back home and straight to the doctor. Needles to say, my … [Continue reading]

Bruised a Rib While Coughing This Week

Sometime last week, I came down with some form of the plague. I started feeling questionable on Monday and skipped spin class that night, but by Wednesday didn't think it was anything more than an annoying cold so went to spin class. Imagine my surprise on Thursday when I woke up with terrible congestion and such a bad cough that I actually think I bruised a rib from hacking so much. (No joke, my ribs on my right side are tender to the touch and movement in certain directions is not … [Continue reading]

So I Registered for a Tri…

So you know what I didn't think I'd be doing in 2015? Another triathlon. In fact, my big plans for 2015 were to not stress myself out over training for races. There were only three "big" races I wanted to do all year: the Frederick half, the Baltimore 10 miler and the Baltimore half -- the three races necessary to complete the King Crab Challenge. That was it, other than the occasional 5K or 10K with friends that didn't require major training. A triathlon was not anywhere on my … [Continue reading]

What I do with 17 days of vacation

Well it's the third day of 2015 and I have still run zero miles this year. I'm pretty OK with it though. I ran some miles on NYE, and I've been busy enjoying the last few days of my epically long Christmas vacation. Last miles of 2014 I've been off from work since December 19, and I seriously have no concept of days of the week or time anymore. I keep thinking today's Sunday because it's 7 p.m. and I'm watching the NFL. I've been seriously enjoying the time away from work and school … [Continue reading]

Goals, Goals, Goals

I've already written about my 2015 running goals (stay injury free), and I've been thinking a lot about my other goals for the upcoming year Two years ago, going in to 2013 I had three really big goals I was chasing, and they truly shaped my year. One was career-related, one was to find an apartment I loved and one was friends and relationships related. My apartment that I love I rocked the first two and give myself a C+ on the other one (I'm a harsh critic). Overall not bad. I … [Continue reading]

Jingle All the Way 5K Recap

I made some last-minute changes to my travel itinerary for the holidays, so I fueled up (both me and my car) and hit the road this morning back to PA. Yes that's a venti. Don't judge. And now that I'm home, I figure it's time to post that race recap from the Jingle All the Way 5K from a few weeks ago. I know I'm super far behind, but in my defense I was waiting for the official pictures to be posted. Not an official picture of me and Emily pre-race This race was the day after the … [Continue reading]