Japan Adventures Part 4: Kamakura

So far we have recapped my travel to Japan and all of the things we did in the city of Tokyo. Sunday was the first day we ventured outside the city, and it is hands down my favorite day of the entire trip. Meghan and I really wanted to get to Kamakura, which is home to the tallest Buddha in Japan and many other ancient shrines and temples. Kamakura is about an hour south of Tokyo by subway/JR train so we knew we were going to have a commuting adventure on our hands. By Sunday, we felt … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 3: Fish Market, Skytree and Shrines

One of the things that was high on Meghan's and my list of things to do in Tokyo was the Tsukiji fish market. The only catch with the fish market is that you have to get up and get there really early in the morning or all the fun is over. We figured there was no chance we were going to get up early enough for the fish auction, which takes place at 3 or 4 in the morning and requires tickets, but on Saturday when we happened to wake up around 6:30 a.m., we figured we could still make it … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 2: Imperial Gardens and Shinjuku

Meghan and I didn't plan anything too major for Friday because we weren't sure how our bodies were going to handle the crazy time change. Japan is currently 13 hours ahead of DC time, which means it's morning in DC when it's night time in Japan. Perhaps luckily, we were so exhausted from our long travel day that we slept pretty well Thursday night and woke up at a semi-normal time Friday morning. We decided to start the day with a walk through Roppongi up to the Imperial Gardens. Multiple … [Continue reading]

Japan Adventures Part 1: Travel and Roppongi

So I'm officially back on U.S. soil after a week in Japan. Meghan and I are sitting in the Houston airport with a pretty long layover as part of our epic 24-hour travel day back home. I figured while I'm stuck in the airport, I'd start writing up some trip recaps. I took so many photos on this trip and I want to document everything, so I'm going to break the posts up by day, otherwise this recap would be miles and miles long. This first post is going to capture my travel day and first … [Continue reading]

Books I Read in February and March

Hi friends! I'm coming to you live from BWI way earlier than I needed to be here because United messed up my plane ticket for my trip to Japan (and in the process did not print my TSA Precheck on my ticket, so I had to go through regular security #firstworldproblems). So now I'm chilling at my gate basically two hours before the time I'm set to take off and I thought I'd check in and do a quick update on the books I've read lately since it's been a while. I didn't do a recap in … [Continue reading]

Cherry Blossom Race Recap

Back in December, my coworker Tim suggested we get some people from our office to register for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler lottery. It had been five years since I'd run the race, and I was kicking around potential spring races, so this sounded kind of perfect. I was on my winter break from school and excited that this race could be a good chance to get my running mojo back. Wellllll if you've been reading at all the last couple months, you know that obviously didn't happen. Work + … [Continue reading]

I Ran!

Two blog posts in a week! What is this craziness? I'm in a weirdly good mood tonight because I was able to stop work at a normal time and get outside for a run in this absolutely perfect DC weather. The run was nothing to write home about, slow, with a bunch of walking mixed in, but it was so nice outside that I ended up going for way longer than expected and covered just shy of five miles. Purely because I just wanted to be outside. (Emphasis on lots of walking. After only running one … [Continue reading]

Five Weeks Til Freedom

So apparently I have this thing called a blog that I used to update from time to time. In fact, at some point not that long ago, I used to update it daily. Now I either have no time to write or just a massive case of writer's block because there's literally nothing new to report. I will admit even with this post, I don't have a ton to say, but thought it would be nice to check in and share what I've been up to. Work is crazy, but good. I'm transitioning to a bit of a new role, which is … [Continue reading]

St. Pat’s 5K 2016 Recap

Last Sunday, I ran the St. Pat's 5K in DC, my first run since I got bronchitis in February. I had originally signed up to run the Double -- the 5K, immediately followed by the 10K. But after three weeks of no running and still having a lingering cough if I exerted myself too much, I decided it was smarter to just drop down to the 5K. My friend Meghan was supposed to run with me, but she took a brutal hit in her flag football game on Saturday that sidelined her for the race, but she … [Continue reading]

My MBA is Killing My Running (and my life)

February was a brutal month that, at times, I thought might legit kill me. Between some really long hours at work, a 20+ hour take-home exam and other intense school deadlines, work travel and being knocked out with bronchitis for about two weeks, I didn't think I'd ever survive. But here we are a week into March and I'm still alive, though some days I feel like a mere shell of my former energetic and fun-loving self. As you might have guessed from my lack of blogging, free time hasn't … [Continue reading]