St. Pat’s 5K 2016 Recap

Last Sunday, I ran the St. Pat's 5K in DC, my first run since I got bronchitis in February. I had originally signed up to run the Double -- the 5K, immediately followed by the 10K. But after three weeks of no running and still having a lingering cough if I exerted myself too much, I decided it was smarter to just drop down to the 5K. My friend Meghan was supposed to run with me, but she took a brutal hit in her flag football game on Saturday that sidelined her for the race, but she … [Continue reading]

My MBA is Killing My Running (and my life)

February was a brutal month that, at times, I thought might legit kill me. Between some really long hours at work, a 20+ hour take-home exam and other intense school deadlines, work travel and being knocked out with bronchitis for about two weeks, I didn't think I'd ever survive. But here we are a week into March and I'm still alive, though some days I feel like a mere shell of my former energetic and fun-loving self. As you might have guessed from my lack of blogging, free time hasn't … [Continue reading]

Love the Run You’re With 2016 Recap

Hi friends! I'm back from my unintentional hiatus with a super delayed race report for you! On Valentine's Sunday, I ran one of my favorite 5Ks - Love the Run You're With. Unfortunately for all the runners, the race this year fell on what is supposed to be the coldest day we have all winter. It was expected to be so cold that the race directors sent out an email the day before, saying they would let us know the status of the race in the morning -- they first needed to confirm it would be … [Continue reading]

Fixing My Broken Hips

So after a solid three months of my left hip being annoyingly tight, stiff and at times downright painful, I finally decided to do something more than stretching/yoga. You'd think maybe I would have done something before now, but what can I say, I'm stubborn. Plus I was sort of hoping since I wasn't running as much because of school, that maybe the extra time off would help it just magically fix itself. Turns out magic fixes don't actually exist. So last week, I called up my massage … [Continue reading]

First Down 5K and Combine

On Super Bowl Sunday, I got up way too early to run a 5K around Hains Point with Meghan, Tim and Warren. Tim, Meghan, me, Warren A few months ago, I somehow convinced both my coworker Tim and my friend Meghan to buy the Pacers race pack that included Sunday's 5K, plus three more races in 2016. Mainly I wanted to have friends to race with, and since I'm obsessed with Pacers races, I applied some gentle peer pressure. So on a fairly chilly Sunday morning, we all trekked out to Hains … [Continue reading]

Books I Read in December and January

I definitely took advantage of all my free time during winter break between grad school semesters to cram in a ton of reading. I know I recapped some of the books I read in December in my last book post, but I wanted to make sure I summed up the books I read between Christmas and New Years in this post with the stuff I read in January. End of December Books Devil's Bridge - Linda Fairstein Really enjoyed this book and getting to spend time with some of my favorite characters. … [Continue reading]

Week by Week Training

Last week was rough on the work and school front. Lots of long days made it really hard for me to find time for workouts. I managed to run on Monday, but ended up missing my yoga class on Wednesday. Then I had plans to do a run over my lunch break on Friday, but got pulled into a meeting, so that plan went out the window. Earlier this month, I wasn't as concerned about not fitting in my workouts. If work or school got in the way, it was a bummer, but not the end of the world. But … [Continue reading]

Adventures at the Zoo

After dealing with blizzard conditions last weekend, DC was gifted with a perfectly gorgeous day today. And between the snow and piles of homework that kept me cooped up for lots of the week, when one of my friends suggested an afternoon at the zoo, I pretty much jumped at the idea. We hit my favorites first! The elephants! And then waited in a ridiculously long line to see the pandas. Bei Bei was asleep, but Bao Bao and mom and dad were there chilling and nom noming some … [Continue reading]

Digging Out

Well that big ol' snowstorm did in fact rock the DC area this weekend. We got anywhere from 20-30 inches depending where exactly you were. And that basically means I was trapped in my apartment from Friday afternoon to Sunday. Cabin fever is a real thing. By Saturday afternoon, I was super antsy but there was a full on blizzard raging outside, so I mainly did a ton of homework and read. It wasn't so bad, but I did miss human interaction. But I built this snowman on my balcony to … [Continue reading]

Finding the Quiet

If you're not from the DC-area or haven't heard, DC is expected to get crushed by a potentially historic snowstorm this weekend. It's been all over the news, grocery store aisles are cleaned out, the city is reaching it's typical "SNOW-MG" fervor. And yet tonight in yoga class, my instructor focused on the quiet calm that snow brings when it starts falling. You know that time when everything seems to slow down just a little bit and there's that quiet hush? She challenged us tonight to … [Continue reading]