RnR DC Half Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

Well week one of half marathon training is in the books, and I'm happy to say I nailed every workout on the calendar. Starting my training program the week I was on vacation between Christmas and the new year turned out to be a brilliant idea. My workouts were the only major responsibility I had each day so it wasn't very hard to make sure I made the time for them. Plus it let me build up some nice momentum to start this round of training. As I mentioned in an earlier post about this … [Continue reading]

Looking Back on 2016

As we get ready to ring in a new year at the stroke of midnight tomorrow, I feel the need to take a minute to look back on the previous year. I went into 2016 full of hope and optimism for what was in store this year. But by year's end, it seems like I might be one of the few people who didn't think 2016 was completely the worst. Yes, in many ways on the national level, 2016 seemed to have a lot more downs than it did ups. Some of those downs will probably have some longer lasting … [Continue reading]

Half Marathon Training Day One

My training for the Rock N Roll DC half marathon kicked off today. I went to bed last night really excited to wake up and run this morning. It's been so long since I've had the time and mental space to actually focus on training well for a race. I ran a couple of half marathons during grad school, but the training always ended up being pretty pathetic. I would start with the best of intentions, but then schoolwork would become overwhelming, and I'd struggle to get even the most minimal … [Continue reading]

Relaxing in the Dominican Republic

When I had about two weeks left in this last semester of grad school, I decided I deserved a nice, relaxing vacation to reward myself for the last 2.5 years of blood, sweat and tears that it took to get my MBA (with a 4.0 GPA, I might add). So, I found a silly cheap deal on CheapCaribbean and booked immediately. And then last Sunday, I hopped on a couple airplanes and parked myself on the beach until last night. It was glorious and perfect timing since DC got hit with a polar vortex … [Continue reading]

Where I’ve Been Running This Semester

Hi friends....does anyone still read this thing? After my sporadic blogging over the last 2.5 years, I wouldn't be surprised if the answer were no. But, I finished grad school last week (praise the Lord!) and so I should have some more free time on my hands for fun things like workouts, reading, trips and writing about it all. I can't promise I'll go back to blogging five days a week (who has the time to read that much anyway?), and I'm still trying to figure out what a good cadence … [Continue reading]

Freedom 5K Recap

On Saturday Meghan and I headed to President Lincoln's Cottage to run the Freedom 5K. This race is in its third year, but this summer was the first time I'd heard of it. I always get excited when I find a new race in the DC area to run. After living here for more than a decade, it's rare that I come across a new race to try. President Lincoln's Cottage is a bit off the beaten path compared to other major DC sites, and I had never been there before, but getting to race on the grounds … [Continue reading]

San Antonio: Not the Best City for Running

When I'm on business trips for work in new cities, one of my favorite ways to see the town is by going on a run. So when I was in San Antonio last week for work, I was really excited that my hotel was kind of right downtown on the riverwalk. I'd heard the riverwalk was really pretty, and when I took a stroll on my first night in town to find a place to eat dinner, I enjoyed some of the sights and sounds. Plus I had a little friend join me for dinner. However, on the walk back home, … [Continue reading]

Checking In!

Oh hey friends. So it's been more than a month since my last post because I'm the worst blogger in all the land. I could make a million excuses for why this is, but really it's just that I had a lot going on and when I didn't have to be at the computer for work or school, I didn't want to be anywhere near one. But I've had lots of fun stuff happen in the last month so I figured some quick updates might be in order: 1. Running. I was on a pretty good streak there in July and early August, … [Continue reading]

Seashore Striders Five Miler: My Second Age Group Award

It's become an annual tradition that the first Sunday of my family's beach vacation in Rehoboth I run the Seashore Strider's 5 miler. This tradition started five years ago when we happened to rent a beach house right on the course. I figured how could I not run a race that went right past the place I was staying. I've done the race every summer since (except for the one where I had a stress fracture in my foot). I've had varying degrees of success in the race. It's usually pretty … [Continue reading]

Books I Read on Vacation + a Few Others

Man it's been a long time since I've done a book update -- in part because I've been lazy, but also in part because I haven't been reading nearly as much this year -- which makes me a little bit sad. But I just got back from my beach vacation where I read a ton of books, so figured it was time to do another update! Books I Read in April Devotion by Adam Makos I really like the first book I read by Makos, and I might have loved this book even more. Here's the description from … [Continue reading]