My Fall Race Schedule

With my grad classes set to start next week and football slowly pushing out baseball on ESPN, it seems like summer is really starting to wind down as fall approaches. And the start of fall means the start of fall racing season! Here's a peek at what I'm signed up for this season: Navy-Air Force Half Marathon - Sept. 14, Washington, D.C Emily and I signed up for this race back in March or April when we were riding out post-Shamrock highs. It's one of the few DC-area races that we … [Continue reading]

Another weekend, another softball tournament

This weekend I had another softball tournament -- this time for my Maryland alumni team. The tournament for this league actually spans two weekends. This past weekend, 72 teams are broken into groups and play three games over the course of two days. Much like the World Cup, two teams advance out of each group to make it to next weekend's elimination round. (Shamelessly borrowed from CAN's FB page) We had two games on Saturday (8:10 and 10:30 a.m.) and then one game on Sunday (2 … [Continue reading]

My First Age Group Award!

I'm not a fast runner. Never have been. And I certainly don't run for speed. I run because I like the way it makes me feel. I race only to compete with myself to see if maybe I've gotten a little bit faster over the years. But it's rare these days that I do a lick of speed work. So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I found out I won my age group in a five mile race I did while I was on vacation. My family pretty much goes on vacation the same week in July every year, and the … [Continue reading]

Slow and Steady Five

After giving my tired legs an extra day of rest yesterday after Saturday's softball tournament, I got back to half marathon training this morning. Have I mentioned here before how much I hate summer humidity? It was at 90 percent when I left the house. So even though the temperature was only about 70 degrees, it was still pretty nasty out. But, I just took it nice and slow since my legs were still pretty shot from softball, and I managed to survive. I didn't take Garmin so I don't have … [Continue reading]

Softball playoffs weekend one

Who knew a day-long softball tournament would leave my quads so sore two days later? I think they've been less tight after some half marathons than they are right now. But I'm not really complaining because my Senate league softball team rocked in the playoffs this year and landed ourselves in the championship game for the first time in the like 28-year history of the team. Unfortunately we lost in the championship game 6-4, which was a huge bummer, but overall the day was pretty … [Continue reading]

Thoughts Before, During and After Today’s Run

Thoughts Before Today's Run: Ugh, I hate all my running routes. I need to move just so I have new places to run. Seriously, I've run all the trails around me a million times. I need to text Megan and set up a running date. Ughhh I hate all the music on my iPod. Need some new music suggestions stat. Ughh I hate running after work, but it's so nice out. I should really take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Ohh look I found a cute running outfit in my closet that's clean. … [Continue reading]

Oh Look a New Blog Post!

Hi friends, remember me? It's OK if you don't, I know it's been a pretty long time since I've blogged. Me with my BF Testudo The reasoning is two-fold: 1. I just haven't had much to say and 2. I was really burnt out on the whole blogging thing and just needed a break. My summer has been pretty busy, but in a few weeks my fall is going to be even crazier as I try to balance the start of grad school with the start of my semester teaching at Maryland, regular work and half marathon … [Continue reading]