Honky Tonkin’ in Nashville

Last year, I made it a priority to travel to a bunch of new places I'd never been. I had so much fun that I decided I wanted to continue making travel and exploring new places a priority this year too. When my best friend found out she was going to be on a six-week work assignment in Nashville, I knew that had to be one of the places I visited this year. I found the one and only free weekend I had the entire month of March, snagged a cheap flight, and Hadass and I jetted off to the land … [Continue reading]

Books I Read in January and February

Man it's been ages since I've done a good book review post, and I'm so excited that I actually have time to read again and can write posts like this again. They're truthfully some of my favorite to write. I'm going to try to get back on track and do these monthly, but for now, here's a quick look at what I read during the first two months of the year. Books I read in January The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney This was an awesome book that I couldn't put down. I read most of it … [Continue reading]

RnR DC: Two Weeks Out

When I hurt my foot earlier this year, I got out of the habit of writing weekly recaps of my training for the Rock N Roll DC Half Marathon. There's not a whole lot to write about when you're stuck in a walking boot. But since the boot came off a few weeks ago, I've been slowly and steadily building my running back up. It hasn't been easy, and I will admit, it's definitely disheartening to have my training be such a struggle these days after it started out so strong in early … [Continue reading]

Cross-training and Treadmill Running


So remember how last week I said I was going to simulate all my runs on the elliptical and see how things went with my foot? I started out last Monday with all the best intentions -- in fact, I tortured myself with 45 minutes on the elliptical that night. It was double-y depressing because we had some gorgeous weather here in DC, but instead of being outside, I was stuck in a basement on an elliptical. To reward myself for surviving 45 minutes on the machine from hell, I snuck over to … [Continue reading]

Foot Update and Half Marathon Considerations

Well after two weeks in a walking boot, things seem to be getting moderately better on the foot front. Last week, I had orders from the doctor to try walking around my house without the boot on. I tried it out first on Wednesday and did not have a good experience. There was still more pain than I thought there should be, and of course, that made me really question whether or not I'd be able to do the half marathon in March. But then by Friday, things seemed to be a little bit better. I … [Continue reading]

An Update on the Foot Situation

Well friends depending on how you look at it, I either got good news or bad news about my foot last week. If we're looking at it as good news, my foot isn't broken. The X-ray was clean. There's no stress fracture and my doctor things I should still be able to train for and run the half marathon in March. If we're looking at it as bad news, I have a stress reaction injury in my second metatarsal -- basically right under the ball of my foot. This means it's extremely painful for me … [Continue reading]

RnR DC Half Marathon Training Week 3

Thanks to those of you who commented yesterday about what could be going on with my foot. It seems a bit better today, though I did spend a decent amount of time rolling my foot over a tennis ball in case it is the start of plantar fasciitis again. Week three was another pretty good week of training -- though I could have done without some of the brutally cold days. More days in the 50s please. I did make one switch to the training schedule last week to fit in my long run on a day … [Continue reading]

A Bruise on the Bottom of My Foot?

So yesterday afternoon when I was running errands, I noticed I had this weird pain on the bottom of my right foot. I don't know how to describe it other than it felt like I was walking on a bruise that had developed on the ball of my foot. It wasn't a sharp pain or anything like that, it was more just this annoying thing that happened every time I had to push off that foot to take a step. There's definitely no visible bruise on my foot, but last night it was a little tender if I pushed on … [Continue reading]

RnR DC Half Marathon Training Week 2

Well if week one of training was easy breezy because I was on vacation, week two of training was manageable because I suddenly realized what it was like to have free time again. Juggling just work and training and the occasional social event is so much easier than juggling work, training, social events plus class, homework and group projects. I honestly don't think I realized just how much time school used to suck up until this first week back at work. I basically feel like I can breath … [Continue reading]

RnR DC Half Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

Well week one of half marathon training is in the books, and I'm happy to say I nailed every workout on the calendar. Starting my training program the week I was on vacation between Christmas and the new year turned out to be a brilliant idea. My workouts were the only major responsibility I had each day so it wasn't very hard to make sure I made the time for them. Plus it let me build up some nice momentum to start this round of training. As I mentioned in an earlier post about this … [Continue reading]